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Importing Data into QuickBooks Online: Take after these means to import the information you have traded from Hiveage:

1.Find the import area of the pertinent information compose from QB on the web. (E.g.: Connections from Hiveage can be foreign by means of the two Vendors and Customers areas

2.Select the sent out document from Hiveage through the import choice

3.Check information is all together and finish the procedure

Bringing in Data into QuickBooks Desktop.

Take after these means to import the information you have sent out from Hiveage:  1.Open the sent out CSV record utilizing a spreadsheet programming like MS Excel

2.In QuickBooks Desktop, from the File menu, select Import Data from File.

3.Copy each pertinent segment from the sent out record into the QuickBooks Desktop import window.

4.Check information is all together and finish the procedure.

Things to think about Importing into QuickBooks Online: When bringing in into QBO, there are a few restrictions and furthermore chance…

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In this article, will separate the instruments accessible in QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online,

With QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, or Enterprise, you have the accompanying worked in devices.

Pre-organized Spreadsheet (Simple) Import to get new Customers, Vendors, Non-stock things, and Inventory Items utilizing an implicit spreadsheet that opens in exceed expectations and has 4-5 fields, it is constrained, yet exceptionally easy to utilize

Propelled Import can bring Customers, Vendors, Employees, Accounts, Service Items, Non-Inventory Parts, Other Charge, and Inventory Items with a mapping apparatus so you may pick which section in your spreadsheet coordinates the information that can be stacked into QuickBooks

I prescribe you download Intuit's format which will make this procedure simple to figure out how to do. The thing has around 20 fields of information you can import and the names, for example, clients have more than 30 fields of importable information, yahoo!